Idea Line

(Chef / Jar programs, available only for Cuisson, Bright, Idea lines and Evox 31 Hi-Line)

Optimum vacuum, maximum control and reliability in packing machines!

Absolute vacuum sensor

The absolute pressure sensor guarantees the perfect vacuum in all circumstances, regardless of the air pressure and weather conditions. The machine will automatically stop the air extraction as soon as the preset vacuum percentage has been detected and measured. It is also possible to set an extra time of vacuum up to 60“ for particular products or special processes.

Digital display with memory

The packaging cycle is fully automatic and it is controlled by a digital control panel equipeed with a precise vacuum sensor that ensure that product is packed with the configured level of vacuum. The microprocessor can store up to 10 programs, each one can be set with a different percentage of vacuum (up to 99.8%), extra time of vacuum (up to 60”), different percentage of gas (up to 90%) and different time of sealing (to seal up to 3 overlapped bags in one cycle). The machine features also a pump-drying program that keeps the pumps in optimal condition.

Easy Vacuum, Jars and containers

Orved vacuum chamnber machines are equipped with extra accessories and special preset programs to pack products in external bags when the prodct does not fit in the vacuum chamber, to pack products in jars or rigid container. You can also connect a pipe to dedicated nozzle and vacuum external containers like gastronorm trays with vacuum valve (e.g.GreenVac)

Sequential vacuum programs

The high-precision microprocessor that controls the vacuum percentage in the chamber allow the user to perform a sequential vacuum cyle. This function ensures that all trapped air is extracted from the food product: the air is extracted, the cycle is paused, the air is extracted again, the cycle is paused again, and so on up to a maximum of 8 steps. It is especially suitable for products that contain a lot of air like mousse, creams, soups.

Complete range

Idea 30

Idea 31

Idea 40

Idea 41


Hydroformed vacuum chamber

  • Made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304. uniform thickness
  • Smooth shape for easy product position
  • Hygienic design with Rounded corners for easy of cleaning

Packing methods:

  • Sealing only
  • Vacuum in bags
  • Vacuum external bags
  • Vacuum in jars
  • Vacuum in reusable containers
  • Vacuum in gastronorm containers (GreenVac)
  • Gas for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Control panel

  • Touchscreen panel 5”, waterproof and scratch-resistant
  • Absolute Vacuum sensor
  • Advanced performance, 99.8%vacuum with 60” extra vacuum
  • Memory of 24 preset programs, 15 user programs
  • Sequential vacuum for Idea 31 and Idea 41
  • Precise and uniform results
  • Optimised working times

Sealing bar

  • Wireless sealing bar
  • Power sealing to seal up to 3 overlapped bags

External vacuum

  • Easy accessory for vacuum in external bags
  • Programs to vacuum products also outside the chamber
  • Special preset programs to pack mason jars
  • Dedicated nozzle for pipe connection, for external containers (Vac-Norm ready)

Easy maintenance

  • Complete accessibility to the internal components of the machine.
  • Hinged opening system with supporting rod
  • Automatic pump dehumidification cycle
  • Operating hours counter for the oil change 
  • Warning messages on display

External printer (optional)

  • Automatic label system at the end of each cycle
  • Print all data on each vacuum bag
  • USB connection

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