Bright 1800

Vacuum chamber machine, completely made of stainless steel, equipped with a smart vacuum sensor and the innovative Chef Programs technology for a perfect vacuum of any food and non food product.

Digital control panel, waterproof, with 32 programs, including exclusive preset programs by professional Chefs, de-aeration programs (Degas) and vacuum programs for internal or external containers. The H2Out pump dehumidification cycle guarantee a perfect maintenace of the 60 mc/h vacuum pump. It is equipped with two wireless sealing bars, length 860 mm each. Gas flush system included to pack delicate or soft products in modified atmosphere (MAP). Exclusive soft-air function, for the packaging of sharp products (e.g. meat with bone).

Packaging: solid, liquid and delicate products

Ideal for: restaurants, hotels, catering, butchers, dairies, food laboratories.

Vacuum chamber

powerful and durable

Vacuum chamber made of high quality stainless steel, resistant to external agents and oxidation. Characterized by curved angles and constant wall thickness for easy cleaning and resistant over time.


Gas to protect your products

Thanks to the gas vacuum, even the most delicate and soft products can be easily vacuum packed. The gas will prevent any kind of damage or breakage of the product, ensuring a perfect vacuum at all times.

Digital panel


It guarantees advanced performance and always accurate and uniform results. The electronic parts are protected from humidity and dirt ensuring an ease of cleaning.

Bright 1800 - Details

  • Removable top bar

    Removable top bar

    Removable top-bar that can be released without tools, it allows a perfect cleaning of the cover.

  • Automatic data stamp

    Automatic data stamp

    Robust, easy to releasable, it works automatically without electrical connection.

  • Hydroformed chamber

    Hydroformed chamber

    POWER-STEEL" chamber with rounded corners for a perfect vacuum in the room.

  • Accessibility


    The unique opening system enable complete accessibility to inner components.

  • Wi-Fi module

    Wi-Fi module

    Control your machine via the web and customize programs.

  • 90° opening

    90° opening

    Maximum versatility with 90° lid opening.

  • Vacuum Easy

    Vacuum Easy

    Thanks to the "Easy" accessory, completely made of stainless steel, it is possible to create a vacuum outside the chamber with the use of embossed envelopes.

  • Sealing bar

    Sealing bar

    Newly developed sealing bar with high pressure welding system.

  • USB port

    USB port

    Fast program cloning and firmware updates thanks to the easily accessible USB on the front panel.

Technical specifications


Acciaio inox

Vacuum pump



1043 x 610 x 1033h mm

Vacuum chamber dimensions

903x463x200h mm


180 kg


400v 50/60hz 3ph +pe 2200w

Max bag dimensions


Sealing bar

2 x 860 mm (alternative: 2 x 415 mm)



Max vacuum level

2 mbar

Standard equipment

pannello_digitale Digital panel

sistema_sensoriale Vacuum sensor

doppia_resistenza Double sealing

h2out Pump dehumidification

programmi_chef Chef programs

programmi_utente User programs

usb Usb

controbarra_sganciabile Detachable counterbar

Equipment on request

taglio_sfrido Cut-of-seal

ugello_contenitori Vacuum in external containers

gas Gas

softair Softair

modulo_wifi WI-FI Module

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