Trays thermosealing machines

Imagine you have just prepared a meat sauce or a sauce for pasta dishes to be served in your restaurant: every chef knows that it is not possible to prepare fresh toppings every day and, therefore, finding the best way to properly conserve food longer and prevent los of flavor is essential.

To do this, the use of thermosealing machines that can perfectly isolate the preparations and maintain the taste unaltered is crucial. Obviously, it's not just the sauces and condiments: the sealers for food trays are designed to perfectly close trays of different sizes and with different contents.


They can be used in small and large restaurants or in centers of production of fresh cheese, or to companies engaged in the production of various kinds of preserved food. Thermosealing Machines are a must-have for every industry and a truly indispensable investment.


The only thermosealing machine on the market with a double function: it seals in modified atmosphere and with Skin effect. This innovation allows to supply the machine with a traditional sealing group, using standard moulds or mould with cut of seal.

VGP Line


The PROFI 1N tray thermosealer adopts a SLIDE system that allows the use of two types of food trays in the following sizes: 95x137 - 137x190 with a maximum depth of 10 cm. Preformed silicone gaskets, protected and shaped heating elements depending upon the shape of the tray to be used. It ensures excellent sealing even in the presence of grease or oil.