sous vide
without sous vide
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The benefits

When vacuum-packed, foods last longer without losing their freshness. There is no need to go to the market every day, nor to reduce the menu.

Thanks to the absence of air inside the bags, the vacuum sealer prevents bacteria from attacking the products. For a safe and waste-free kitchen.

Keep all the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the food unaltered, even if you keep it next to other more aromatic preparations

The vacuum sealer preserves both fresh and ready foods for a long time, prolonging their freshness and quality and maintaining their original flavour.

  In an hour In a week In a month
STREET FOOD TRUCK 200 240 12.000 14.400 50.000 60.000
RESTAURANT 160 192 8000 9600 35.000 42.000
FAST FOOD 360 432 21.000 25.200 85.000 102.000
Packaged dishes for delivery+20%