The Vacuum

The vacuum technique is used both for the preservation of foods and for cooking them. Until recently, the vacuum was only possible at the
industrial or professional level, but the technique has also been made available for private use in the last few years.

The use of vacuum technology for food preservation is particularly interesting: since there is no cooking or freezing, the organoleptic qualities of the product remain almost unaltered. The basic technique is very simple: all the air is sucked from the container where one wants to preserve food, then
the container is sealed so that air cannot come back in.

The lack of oxygen makes it so the microorganisms cannot multiply, since they cannot live without oxygen. Vacuum packing machines are used with suitable bags for storage, which can be easily repurchased. The vacuum cooking technique makes food tenderer since it does not suffer the stress of high temperatures. It also has the advantage of being able to prepare food and store it in vacuum until ready to be consumed, as fresh and tasty as if it was just cooked. This technique is indicated for the preservation and cooking of all foods, vegetable and animal.