Store into the Refrigerator

Vacuum packing for refrigerator storage (+3/5°)

For families that don't have a lot of time to dedicate to preparing meals, the vacuum packing system is a useful ally.

Food can be prepared when you have time, stored vacuum packed in the refrigerator and used in small portions and at different times. You can organize grocery shopping for when you have the most time available and package food in daily portions, avoiding wasting money and time!



These pretty fruits with the velvety skin are not only good tasting but also full of vitamins and minerals (calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and sulphur). To preserve their characteristics for as long as possible, vacuum packing is ideal. Just clean them with a cloth (without water as that would compromise their shelf life) and use rigid containers to avoid spots.

Citrus Fruits

Kept at room temperature they quickly get mouldy. Vacuum packing them means they have a longer shelf life, preventing this annoying problem. Choose bags or rigid containers depending upon the thickness of the peel.


Since butter is a fatty substance, it is also subject to an oxidation process that causes it to go rancid. Even here vacuum packing is an excellent solution.

Chops, ribs

To keep the bone from puncturing the bag, remove the sharpest parts or at least smooth them. For maximum security, wrap the meat in aluminium.

Mince, deboned meat

Separate them in small portions and wrap them in cheesecloth. Then vacuum pack them. The high nutritional value of these foods (protein) will remain for a longer amount of time.

Cherries, plums, and grapes

These fruits, that are particularly rich in vitamins, mineral salts, and sugars, can be vacuum packed for storage. To avoid crushing, rigid containers must be used.

Whole or grated cheese


When vacuum packed they do not dry out or become mouldy. If they are soft cheeses, the crust must be removed and they must be wrapped and placed in rigid containers.

Fresh mushrooms

Clean with a cloth (without using water) and store in rigid containers.


Apples should also be cleaned, but without using water. Store in rigid containers and they will remain juicy and will not lose their vitamins.

Fresh pasta, ravioli

These must be stored in the same manner as dry pasta and ravioli, storing them in trays or in rigid containers. Even the filling can be stored.


Before proceeding with vacuum packing, wrap in aluminium foil. Bags are preferred over containers. Fish can be stored longer without becoming smelly.


Vacuum packed they stay juicy and fragrant as if they were just picked, without losing their vitamins. They also need to be cleaned without water and stored in rigid containers.

Cured meats, ham, mortadella


Vacuum packing prevents oxidation. They can be packed in bags or rigid containers.

Vegetables, herbs

Clean well without using water and store in rigid containers.