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VM 53

Professional softair chamber vacuum packing machine created for medium-large restaurants, small supermarkets, or medium size production activities that need to package large quantities of liquid or solid products.

VM53 is characterized by a completely stainless steel frame and a vacuum chamber with rounded corners to allow easy cleaning. It has an electromechanical control panel that allows you to choose timed vacuum levels and the sealing level.

It also performs external packaging using the Easy accessory and is equipped with the H2Out pump dehumidification cycle.

The softair packing machine also comes with other exclusive options such as: scrap cutting to eliminate excess bag film, additional sealing bar, and softair system.

Some of the many advantages of this extraordinary vacuum packing machine include absolute optimization of work time, reduction of waste, and greater production and profit.

  • Stainless steel frame

  • Electromechanical control panel

  • Manual vacuum and sealing levels

  • H2Out pump dehumidification cycle

Download Datasheet (File: vm_53_eng.pdf - 274,36 KB)

Machine body: Stainless steel
Vacuum Pump: 25mc/h
Size: 607 x 710 x 500h mm
Vacuum chamber dimensions: 485 x 550 x 175h mm
Weight: 96 Kg
Voltage: 230V - 50/60 Hz
Maximum power absorbed: 1200 W
Maximum bag size: 450 x 550 mm
Sealing beam: Standard    Optional

1x455 mm
2x520 mm
2x455 mm
Installation: Table-top

  Standard    Optional
Double resistanceDouble resistance - OPTIONAL
Cut of seal Cut of seal - OPTIONAL
External vacuum container nozzleExternal vacuum container nozzle - OPTIONAL
SoftairSoftair - OPTIONAL
Pump dehumidification programPump dehumidification program - STANDARD

Channelled vacuum bagsChannelled vacuum bags - STANDARD
Smooth vacuum bagsSmooth vacuum bags - STANDARD
Smooth cooking envelopesSmooth cooking envelopes - STANDARD
Embossed Cooking EnvelopesEmbossed Cooking Envelopes - STANDARD

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