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Tray commercial food vacuum sealers with SKIN EFFECT technology that completely innovates the vacuum packing and sealing concept, improving the freshness, quality, and especially the appearance of each product.

VGP 60n Skin commercial food vacuum sealer has an entirely stainless steel frame, small size, and cutting edge, high quality operating and manufacturing characteristics. It is the only machine that allows packaging with "skin", "skin+gas", vacuum, and modified atmosphere packaging or simply sealing.

The touch control panel with customizable programs, a sensory vacuum system, and automatic film cutting make each packaging cycle quick and easy.


  • Speedy vacuum packing of trays with "skin" effect
  • 5 use modes ("skin" packaging, skin+gas packaging, vacuum packaging, modified atmosphere packaging, sealing only)
  • Sensory vacuum system
  • Protrusion of the product from the skin tray up to 15 mm - the product retains its original shape

Can package: solid, liquid, and soft products

Suitable for: food laboratories, large organized distribution, delicatessens, and fresh pasta, meat, and fish production.

Machine body: Stainless steel
Vacuum Pump: 60mc/h
Size: 530 x 704 x 1120/1490h mm
Weight: 169 Kg
Voltage: 400 - 50/60Hz 3Ph + PE
Maximum power absorbed: 3200 W
Installation: Floor standing

Download Datasheet (File: vgp_60n_skin.pdf - 167,81 KB)

  Standard    Optional
Touch-screen command boardTouch-screen command board - STANDARD
Sistema SensorialeSistema Sensoriale - STANDARD

Stampo Taglio SfridoStampo Taglio Sfrido - STANDARD


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