Thermosealing Machines Line

Food Tray Sealing Machines Line

The Plus of Thermosealing Line


Speed, safety, and professionalism!

All of the Orved lines of food tray sealing machines are of excellent quality with attention paid to every detail. This line also offers a wide range of choice, offering various sizes and technologies to respond to every type of need. Semi-automatic thermosealers are able to package foods in various size trays thanks to the heat generated by the heating element installed in the sealing bar. They ensure perfect sealing even in the presence of grease and oil. Organizing space in the refrigerator and efficiently planning weekly work are only two of the advantages offered by this line.

Sealing has never been so safe!

Profi1N, the smallest food tray sealing machine in size, offers an innovative automatic system that protects the sealing bar against possible burns. Each model is equipped with electronic temperature regulation and a fixed work surface to ensure uniform sealing on all edges. All Orved thermosealers, except the Profi1N that uses an innovative slide system, are accessorized with interchangeable moulds.


Inert gas injection system!

Innovative thermosealers designed to perform perfect tray sealing and vacuum pack food products or package them in a modified atmosphere using inert gas.


The tray thermosealer that completely innovates the vacuum packing and sealing concept. The only machine that allows packaging with skin effect + gas!