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New Vacuum

External extraction vacuum packing machine recommended for small professional activities for packaging dry products.

Also offer to hobby shops for packaging screws, bolts, and pieces.

Ensuring excellent vacuum levels, the absolute quality of our external vac sealers is also maintained in the choice of a self-lubricating pump that does not require oil for operation.

  • completely in stainless steel
  • digital control panel
  • embossed bags
  • only for packaging solid products, without liquids
  • sensory vacuum
  • Ideal for Conserbox containers

CE certificate compliant with the strictest standards on an international level

Download Datasheet (File: new_vacuum_eng.pdf - 177,68 KB)

Machine body: Stainless steel
Vacuum Pump: 30lt/m
Pump type: Self-lubricating
Size: 490 x 415 x 195h mm
Weight: 20kg
Voltage: 230V - 50/60 Hz
Maximum power absorbed: 1000 W
Sealing beam: Standard    Optional

1x420 mm
Installation: Table-top

  Standard    Optional
Channelled vacuum bagsChannelled vacuum bags - STANDARD
Suction tube for containersSuction tube for containers - OPTIONAL
Vacuum in containersVacuum in containers - STANDARD
Authomatic/manualAuthomatic/manual - STANDARD
Embossed Cooking EnvelopesEmbossed Cooking Envelopes - STANDARD

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