External Vacuum Line

Extrernal Vacuum Packaging Machines Line

The Plus of External Extraction Line



The top line for packaging solid and dry products

Due to its compact size, materials, excellent quality pump, and the double gasket in the suction chamber, the external vacuum packaging machine with external extraction line allows longer storage for all of your solid or dry foods, even large ones or those with large pieces.

The only machine patented to package products in smooth bags!

Orved was the first company in the world to have innovated the vacuum packing concept, inventing an external extraction vacuum packing machine. We are still the first to give you the ability to store your products for a longer period of time in high quality smooth bags at a competitive price due to the patented, retractable probe in our VM98 and VM14/90n. Everyone offers packaging in embossed bags but we are the only ones who offer you perfect packaging in smooth bags!


An exclusive support shelf to make your packaging even easier!

A special hidden support shelf was created for the top models in the external extraction line in order to make packaging even large products (e.g. stockfish) even easier. Once the packaging cycle is complete the shelf disappears below the machine without taking up any space.