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Bright 53

Countertop chamber vacuum packing machine completely in stainless steel and equipped with a "Power-steel" vacuum chamber for a perfect vacuum.

Creation of the vacuum with sensory system and the ability to package delicate or soft products in a modified atmosphere (ATM) thanks to the injection of inert gases. Digital control panel, impermeable to water, with 32 programs including exclusive, preset programs (FTY) and deaeration programs (DSI) designed to simplify and automate every packaging cycle. Standard double sealing, H2Out pump dehumidification cycle, creation of external vacuum with Easy accessory, 25 m3/h vacuum pump and new concept removable sealing bar, length 530 mm. Exclusive soft-air function for packaging products with blunt parts (e.g., meat with bones). Possibility of an extra sealing bar for packaging several products at the same time.

Can package: solids, liquids, and delicate products

Ideal for: this chamber vacuum packing machine is ideal for restaurants, hotels, catering companies, butchers, food laboratories, and dairies.

Machine body: Stainless steel
Vacuum Pump: 25mc/h
Size: 720 x 720 x 495h mm
Vacuum chamber dimensions: 575 x 575 x 160h mm
Vacuum chamber with double thickness
Weight: 105 Kg
Voltage: 230V - 50/60Hz
Maximum power absorbed: 1500 W
Distance: 481mm
Maximum bag size: 500 x 600 mm
Sealing Beam: Standard    Optional

1x530 mm
2x530 mm
Installation: Table-top

Download Datasheet (File: bright_53.pdf - 390,08 KB)

  Standard    Optional
Digital board 48 programsDigital board 48 programs - STANDARD
Double resistanceDouble resistance - STANDARD
Cut of seal Cut of seal - OPTIONAL
External vacuum container nozzleExternal vacuum container nozzle - OPTIONAL
SoftairSoftair - OPTIONAL
Pump dehumidification programPump dehumidification program - STANDARD

Channelled vacuum bagsChannelled vacuum bags - STANDARD
Smooth vacuum bagsSmooth vacuum bags - STANDARD
Wifi ModuleWifi Module - OPTIONAL
Sensory system of sensory vacuumSensory system of sensory vacuum - STANDARD
Counterbar ReleasableCounterbar Releasable - STANDARD

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