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Fundamental rules for sous-vide cooking

In order to use the sous-vide method, certain basic rules must be followed in order to get the best results:

Only use a chamber vacuum packing machine making sure that the gauge is always at 99.9% before cooking.

Use certified cooking bags.

Never vacuum pack a product if the core temperature is not around 8 degrees C.

Do not oil, wet, fold, or leave residues in the part of the bag that will be sealed.

Always use the proper size bag for the quantity of product to be packaged. The bag is suitable when the product inside is spread out and occupies about three-fourths of the bag.

Never reuse or wash bags used for cooking.

Do not leave products that are ready for cooking in the refrigerator or at room temperature for too long before being cooked.

Bags with the product inside may expand during cooking, losing the benefits due to vacuum packing.

Always make sure you have a quick cooling system available for cooked foods (water and ice or a blast chiller). Cooling foods as soon as possible ensures longer shelf life.

Once the foods are cooked and cooled, they can be kept at a constant temperature, no greater than 3°C in the refrigerator or cooler.