Cook and Chill

Cook & Chill
Vacuum bags

Freezes the shelf-life of your dishes

Cook and chill vacuum bags allow you to vacuum pack, cook and store any type of food. These special bags are used with food that, after sous-vide cooking, is still warm and will be subjected to a rapid refrigeration process. In this way all the organoleptic characteristic of the food are preserved. The secondo main characteristic of our Cook and Chill bags is their blue color, studied and realized to minimize the risk of contamination of the food content.

Meat remains succulent

The sauces maintain their intensity

Vegetables maintain their consistency

Gives your dishes the same taste of freshly cooked ones,
even weeks after preparation.

Create your favorite dishes
and capture all the taste by freezing them quickly.

Come utilizzare la tecnica Cook & Chill

1. Prepare food in advance with time and care

2. Cook sous-vide recipe with Cook and Chill bags

3. Pack products in the same bag

4. Quickly chills

5. In the necessary moment it regenerates the products

6. Serve the recipe