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Are you looking for a domestic or professional vacuum machine?
Smooth or channelled vacuum bags? Any accessory?

Discover best World Chefs secrets in guarantee the flavour of their dishes. Since 1984 ORVED has been projecting, manufacturing and distributing state-of-the-art vacuum machines, thermosealings, Smooth and channelled vacuum bags and accessories. Innovation, technology and quality at customer service, made us an excellence Made in Italy, recognized worldwide and present in 121 countries, as well as to represent Best international Chefs’ choice.

The real vacuum you are looking for

In case you are choosing a household or professional vacuum packing machine, a thermosaling, smooth or channelled vacuum bags, we guarantee the freshness and a healthy and perfectly preserved product as well as the emotion you can feel tasting a savoury dish. A taste capable to bring up experiences, to tell a story and about you, too. All love you put – from the recipe choice, to the preparation – it is worth to be protected and preserved.

State-of-the-art machines and technology at your kitchen service, wherever it was

ORVED innovation is based on ideas, know-how, research and passion. A formula perfected over time, which driven us farther than any other vacuum machines and vacuum bags manufacturer. ORVED ARGOVAC represents our flagship: a machine projected and manufactured to vacuum pack food for astronauts in the space. In the same occasion special bags were developed, to preserve the food in the space. These innovations were used in the context of Futura space mission, which saw Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti as protagonist.

Orved & Argotec
From the collaboration between Orved and Argotec, the first vacuum machine for space is born: ARGOVAC


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The excellence of vacuum chamber is served

When choosing ORVED, means not only a vacuum machine or high quality channelled bags purchase, but relying on a company that considers best quality, innovation, training a customer care as mainstays of its corporate philosophy. These are the values, which made ORVED a real protagonist in the spread of vacuum knowledge Worldwide. A long road which brought a unique feedback, thanks to the development of state-of-art machines, able not only to satisfy customers’ needs, but to anticipate them, too.

ORVED can satisfy your requirements, if you are looking for excellent chamber vacuum machine to preserve your food in the best way. Whether it is a thermosealer or channelled vacuum bags, we can supply you highest quality products, high efficiency and high performance systems, thought to help you in saving money and time.

Household Division


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The excellence is a matter of standards

Vacuum packing machine certified ISO 9001, World best Chefs choice.

ORVED has a quality management system certified ISO9001, which guarantees high quality standards for every company procedure. Some of the most famous Chefs in the World impose these standards in their kitchen to protect and guard the result of their art.

International safety and hygiene standards.

Talking about chamber vacuum machines, but food storage in general, hygiene and safety represent fundamental issues. ORVED makes the difference by adhering to international protocols stricter than normally required. Some of ORVED vacuum packing machines are ETL Safety approved, as a safety warranty, and ETL Sanitation, which guarantees highest standards in term of hygiene. These marks respect UL and NSF regulations, in use in USA and Canada markets.

The excellence is a matter of standards


Our vacuum bags are compliant to the highest safety and quality standards, too. ORVED channelled vacuum bags, in particular, are 100% BPA FREE, so completely void of Bisphenol A and Phthalates. In addition, ORVED vacuum bags, guarantee a safe food storage, thanks to the compliance to Reg. 10/2011 EC regarding the plastic materials and objects intended to come in contact with food, to Reg. 1935/2004 EC – framework regulation regarding the material meant to be in contact with food and Reg. 2023/2006 EC – regulation establishing the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for the manufacture of materials meant to be in contact with food.

To get the best vacuum,
the choice of the bag is fundamental

The vacuum which respects the environment

The best technologies for vacuum machines and sustainable bags

“Doing better, wasting less.”

In case you choose the vacuum storage system, you are surely health and environment conscious. ORVED has always been at the forefront in wasting reduction and has always invested considerable resources to make its products and production processes as more sustainable as possible. In particular, the company follows the dictates of LEAN PRODUCTION to optimize the production and the search of balance through a continuous improvement. This change and improvement allow to drastically reduce the waste, to make the production cycles smoother and faster, in benefit of organization and social and environmental spheres.

Environmentally friendly products

ORVED sustainability starts with production cycle and arrives to you, thanks to the reduced environmental impact chamber vacuum machines. In addition, our vacuum packing machines are energy-saving, more environmental-friendly and in compliance with low consumption regulations. They represent the ideal choice for those looking for excellent and ecologic products.

Vacuum packing machines and eco-friendly channelled vacuum bags

The use eco-friendly materials are essential to supple products to environmentally-friendly throughout their life cycle: from manufacturing to disposal. For this reason, we use only stainless steel, aluminium, glass and Plexiglas, easily reusable materials. This careful selection, means that every ORVED product is almost completely recyclable. In case we think to a vacuum machine or to a channelled vacuum bag, almost all materials they are made of, through separate collection, can be recycled.


Choice of Eco-compatible Materials


Lean Production


Effective Production Cycles




Environmental Impact



In addition, we observe RoHs and REACH European Guidelines and we adopted an even stricter internal protocol concerning potentially harmful substances use, to guarantee our customers products to be even more compatible with ecological standards. In order to ensure that all raw materials and components used in our vacuum packing machines and vacuum bags production were equally sustainable, all these subjects are crucial for the selection of our suppliers.

Products certified during their life cycle and after disposal, too.

As we are talking about appliances directly in contact with food, vacuum bags as well as thermosealers, we need them to be 100% safe. For these reason, ORVED product on the market are the ones which passed strict internal approval procedures only and which are compliant to 1935/2004/UE, 10/2011/UE e 2023/2006/UE Regulations.


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ORVED Vacuum Italian Excellence is certified.

Continuous and almost daily improvement, as well as the compliance with highest standards allowed ORVED to be one of the Certified Italian Excellences. To learn more.