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VGP Combi Skin

The union makes the strength!

The only tray sealer in the market with double function: modified atmosphere and skin packaging without changing any tool.

Package your products in MAP or Skin in a flash!

VGP traysealers are designed for particularly simple operation and reliable packaging procedures, they are the ideal solution for an inexpensive and professional vacuum packaging with trays and combine ease of use with reliability.

The absoulte vacuum sensor ensure a perfect vacuum in all circumstances, allowing the packaging of liquid products. A gas flushing system enables trays to be packed with modified atmosphere.

ORVED thermo-sealing machines are designed to pack any type of tray in vacuum or modified atmosphere. VGP COMBI SKIN is characterized by its simplicity of use thanks to the colour touchscreen display and speed in packaging with a 60cbm/h vacuum pump.

It achieves a vacuum level up to 99.99% and is equipped with a gas flush system to inject inert gas up to 100% and pack in modified atmosphere. The SKIN die set allows the packaging of products in SKIN mode, with no need to add inert gas, closing the product firmly and sealing over the entire surface of the tray.

The packaging process starts by manually closing the lid of the tray sealer. Vacuum, optional gas flushing, sealing and cutting take place automatically according to the packaging parameters that were selected After the packaging process is complete, the lid is opened automatically, and the finished packagings are are lifted slightly in the tray carrier, allowing them to be removed particularly easily.

To save even more time, the high level of serviceability ensures that the sealing die-sets and formats can be changed quickly and easily without any additional tools.

  • Packaging of trays in Skin, vacuum, modified atmosphere or just sealing
  • Plug&Play machine with fast replacement of sealing die for different trays
  • Very small body sizes, suitable for installation in small rooms
  • Colour touchscreen with friendly HMI and 10 programs memory
Ideal for: restaurants, hotels, catering and butchers.

Interchangeable sealing die

Large range of pack

Easy and fast system to replace sealing frame and mould, for quick packaging of different trays. All moulds include the scution holes to easily block the film in a perfect position for subsequent packaging.

Film Cutting Blade

Shape cut of trays

At each sealing the film will be automatically cut to allow you to extract the tray, thus optimizing production times without wasting the film. We can design your machine individually to your requirements: outside cut, inside cut, easy peal corners, multi compartment trays.

Skin effect

Best freshness

Skin packs and skin films are used to enclose the product tightly and seal to the entire surface of the tray. This system with the action of vacuum allows the film to adhere perfectly to the food like a "second-skin".

VGP Combi Skin - Details

  • Brake reel holder

    Brake reel holder

    Innovative device that prevents accidental unwinding of the coil on the back.

  • Suction holes

    Suction holes

    Positioned on the frame, they suck in the film to easily block it in a perfect position for subsequent packaging.

  • High quality bodywork

    High quality bodywork

    Completely made of stainless steel, the bodywork is robust, resistant to aggressive agents and oxidation.

  • Vacuum Degas

    Vacuum Degas

    Proggressive vacuum cycle, designed for products that have a liquid part that tends to boil; during the cycle the pump starts and stops intermittently, preventing the product from escaping from the tray.

  • Skin kit on request

    Skin kit on request

    Includes a spool and trays B5 or B6.

Technical specifications


Acciaio inox

Vacuum pump


Type of pump

A bagno d olio


530 x 704 x 1120h mm

Dimensione massima area posizionamento vaschette

modalità skin: 352 x 277 mm
modalità combi (o vgp): 325 x 260 x 120h mm


169 kg


400v 50/60hz 3ph 2900w

Max bag dimensions

325 x 260 x 120h mm

Max tray dimensions

modalità skin: 1xb6 (180x250); 2xb5 (143x229)
modalità combi (o vgp): 1 x ½ gastronorm (325x260 mm), 2 x ¼ gastronorm (160x260 mm), 4 x 1/8 gastronorm (165x120 mm), altri formati su richiesta



Standard equipment

pannello_touch Touch panel

sistema_sensoriale Vacuum sensor

gas Gas

multiprog10 Memory 10 programs

vuoto_gas Vacuum gas

ultra_vuoto Ultra vacuum

ultra_gas Ultra gas

vaschette_skin Skin trays

vaschette_gastronorm Gastronorm trays

Equipment on request

stampo_std Customize mould

stampo_taglio Customized cut of film

Video VGP Combi Skin

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