Idea 42 hi-line

Idea Hi-Line has been designed to preserve food in the best conditions, enahnce ist flavour and perform smart processes that won’t be possible in normal atmosphere. You can prepare your food with consistent result and reduced costs, saving time in preparation and have food ready in a few seconds at any time of the day with zero waiting time for your customers.

The first vacuum chamber machine with an innovative 5" smart-touch interface, just one touch to select a Chef program or set your custom parameters. Power is in your hands: set without limits, choose the vacuum you prefer, the rest will be done by Idea Hi-Line.

Ideal for: restaurants, pastry shops, butchers, delicatessens and bars.

Ideal for: restaurants, pastry shops, butchers, delicatessens and bars.

Smart-touch 5"

Colour Touch control

Progressive vacuum, preset programs for all type of products, design your own program. Everything is now possibile. The smart sensor will always guarantee a perfect vacuum in every situation


Gas to protect your products

Thanks to the gas vacuum, even the most delicate and soft products can be easily vacuum packed. The gas will prevent any kind of damage or breakage of the product, ensuring a perfect vacuum at all times.

Heavy duty vacuum chamber

Hydroformed design

Orved vacuum chamber is made with hydroforming process that ensure smooth surfaces, rounded corners, uniform thickness for easy cleaning and long-lasting quality.

Idea 42 hi-line - Details

  • Résistant à la chambre à vide

    Résistant à la chambre à vide

    Chambre à vide hydroformée d'une seule pièce sans joints et avec coins arrondis pour assurer des surfaces lisses et une résistance absolue.

  • Parameterizable Degas programs

    Parameterizable Degas programs

    They allow to realize and to automate special cycles on the basis of every possible requirement of the user.

  • Automatic calibration

    Automatic calibration

    It does not need to be calibrated to adapt the operation of the pressure sensor to the altitude and weather conditions.

  • Automatic alerts

    Automatic alerts

    Automatic warning when the product is too hot or if there is a need to start a cycle of dehumidification of the pump oil.

  • Ecran tactile

    Ecran tactile

    Panneau de contrôle 5" smart-touch, étanche et résistant aux rayures.

  • Accessibility


    The lid opening allows complete accessibility to the internal components of the machine.

  • Printer connection

    Printer connection

    Idea Hi-Line line can be connected to the Zebra ZD410 printer.

  • Vacuum Easy

    Vacuum Easy

    Thanks to the "Easy" accessory, completely made of stainless steel, it is possible to create a vacuum outside the chamber with the use of channelled bags.

  • Gas vacuum: protect and preserve any product

    Gas vacuum: protect and preserve any product

    Vacuum-packages even the most delicate and soft products!The gas will prevent any kind of damage or breakage.

Technical specifications


Acciaio inox

Vacuum pump



539x612x460h mm

Vacuum chamber dimensions

441x449x170h mm


55,5 kg


230v 50/60hz 800w

Max bag dimensions

400 x 450 mm

Sealing bar

415 mm



Max vacuum level

2 mbar

Standard equipment

pannello_touch Touch panel

gas Gas

softair Softair

easy Easy

h2out Pump dehumidification

programmi_chef Chef programs

programmi_degas Sequential vacuum programs

programmi_utente User programs

vuoto_assoluto Vacuum sensor

Equipment on request

Extra equipment

stampante_zebra External Printer

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