Storing in the freezer

Vacuum storage for the freezer (-18°)

Vacuum storage in the freezer, thanks to the very low temperatures, allows you to freeze food, thus slowing down the life cycle of the microorganisms responsible for the organoleptic degeneration of food.

However, this procedure, especially for those foods presenting a significant amount of water, such as fresh products or vegetables, risks creating a lot of damage to the food due to the frost that forms because of the presence of humidity in the air inside the package. By eliminating the air, the problem is solved: thanks to the combined use of vacuum and freezing, the product remains intact both in form and in substance.

Minced meat

Minced meat can be preserved already prepared in meatballs. A useful tip is to choose an oval container and to separate any layer with aluminium foil. Once prepared and frozen, the meatballs can be removed from the freezer and cooked immediately, without having to wait for them to defrost: simply brown or fry them directly, without any waste of time.

Liver, heart, kidneys, sweetbreads

The preliminary phase before the creation of the vacuum is fundamental for these products: wash and dry them very carefully. Place them in rigid containers or in bags: freezing will occur in a uniform way, and this will allow a better and longer-lasting preservation.

Pasta, dry ravioli

To preserve them at best, after preparing them, place them in the refrigerator for half an hour in order to harden them. Once this is done, vacuum pack them by choosing the system that you believe more practical and easier (plates, trays, cardboard discs, etc.). It is also possible to preserve the filling.

Pizza dough, various pastries

Place the preparation in the container before rising. The activity of the yeasts will resume once the bag or box is opened, ending in the usual times.

Chicken breasts, turkey, cutlets

Beat one or more eggs (according to the amount of meat that must be prepared) in a bowl, together with a pinch of salt and a pinch of salt and pepper. Then pass them in breadcrumbs or white flour, pressing well (to prevent the breading from coming off in the cooking phase). Then allow the prepared meat to dry for about half an hour. Now it is possible to proceed with vacuum packing. Separate the food with aluminium foil. Even in this case the meat can be cooked without waiting for it to defrost.

Birds, poultry, game and rabbit

After the appropriate ageing time, clean them (offal must be stored separately) and prepare them as you wish (separating them into pieces, preparing roasts with bacon, etc ...). Then vacuum pack them. When you decide to cook them, there is no need to wait for them to defrost, but they can be cooked directly into the pan, seasoning them as desired.