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The living world in a vacuum


The new compostable Natural Vacuum Bags make Orved's vacuum sealina svstem completelv sustainable


Chef programs

When creating a simple recipe becomes more a passion than a routine we offer you unique and innovative solutions that reflect your love for cooking.

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Smart touch panel, smart sensors, Sequential vacuum & Chef programs and much more..

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The first vacuum packing machine,
for space.

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The best vacuum bags for healthier food storage

The vacuum bags follow strict safety and quality standards:


ORVED channelled bags are 100% BPA FREE, therefore free of Bisphenol A and Phthalates.

Reg. CE 10/2011

Plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food products.

Reg. CE 1935/2004

Framework regulation for materials intended to come into contact with food.

Reg. CE 2023/2006

Regulation establishing GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for the manufacture of materials intended to come into contact with food..

Buy vacuum machines and channelled bags of the highest quality

Since 1984, ORVED has designed, manufactured and distributed cutting-edge vacuum machines, thermosealers, channelled bags, vacuum bags and accessories.

Innovation, technology and quality at your service have made us a Made-in-Italy excellence, recognised at worldwide level and present in 121 countries, as well as being the choice of the best international chefs.

Discover how the best chefs in the world guarantee the flavour of their dishes.

Whether you choose a chamber, domestic or professional vacuum machine..

..a thermosealer,channelled bags or smooth bags we guarantee the freshness of a healthy and perfectly preserved product as well as the thrill of enjoying a tasty dish that can bring back memories, a dish that tells a story and a little bit about yourself too.

Because it’s important that the love behind it all ..
from choosing the recipe to the care in its preparation,
is protected and kept safe

Wherever it is.

ORVED innovation is based on ideas, know-how, research and passion. A formula perfected over time which has taken us further than any other manufacturer of vacuum packing machines and bags.

ORVED ARGOVAC is our flagship: a machine designed and developed to package food for astronauts in space. It was used for the Futura space mission, which was also attended by the Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti.

In addition to buying vacuum machines and high-quality channelled bags, choosing ORVED means relying on a company which has made of constant quality,innovation, training and customer care the cornerstones of its corporate philosophy. These are the values that have made ORVED one of the most important players in the diffusion of vacuum culture all over the world. A long work that has obtained unprecedented feedback, thanks also to our proposal of technologically advanced vacuum machines, capable not only of satisfying your needs, but also of anticipating them.

If you are looking for excellent products for chamber vacuum and food storage, ORVED is the right answer to your needs. Whether it's a thermosealer or channelled bags, we always guarantee you the highest quality products, which are efficient and designed to save you time and cut costs thanks to high-performance technological systems.

ISO 9001 certified vacuum machines, the same chosen by the best chefs in the world

ORVED has an ISO 9001certified quality management system which guarantees high quality standards in all company processes. Excellencies that some of the most popular chefs in the world impose in their kitchens to protect and preserve their art.

International standards for safety and hygiene

Hygiene and safety are essential when it comes to chamber vacuum packing and food storage in general. Also in this case ORVED makes the difference by adhering to even more stringent international protocols than normally required. For example, some of the vacuum machines have the ETL Safety mark, a guarantee for safety, and the ETL Sanitation mark, which guarantees the highest standards in terms of hygiene. All in compliance with UL and NSF regulations in the United States and Canada.

'Do better, waste less.'


If you choose vacuum food preservation, it means that you care about health and also the environment. ORVED has always been at the forefront of reducing waste and has invested significant resources to make processes and products sustainable. In particular, the company follows the instructions of LEAN PRODUCTION for the optimisation of production and the search for balance through continuous improvement. This allows you to drastically reduce waste, making production cycles more fluid and faster, for the benefit of the organisational aspect and the social and environmental context.

Products with low environmental impact.

ORVED's sustainability begins with the company production cycle and reaches your homes, thanks to the vacuum chamber machines with reduced environmental impact. In addition, the machines designed by us are highly efficient, to protect the environment and in line with low consumption regulations. If you are looking for excellent and ecological products, they are the ideal choice.

Vacuum machines and eco-friendly channelled bags.

The use of eco-sustainable materials is vitally important to guarantee products that respect the environment throughout their entire life cycle: from manufacture to disposal. This is why we use steel, aluminium, glass and plexiglass, which are easily reusable materials. This careful choice means that today every ORVED branded product is almost completely recyclable. Whether it is a vacuum packing machine or a channelled bag, through separate waste collection, almost all the materials can create new products.

materiali eco compatibili


Eco-friendly Materials



Lean production









Environmental Impact



Cycles of effective production

In addition, to guarantee that our products are even more compatible with ecological standards, we carefully comply with the guidelines of the European RoHs and REACH directives and have adopted an even more restrictive internal protocol regarding the use of potentially harmful substances. Of course, all these issues are crucial also in the choice of suppliers to ensure that the components and raw materials used for the production of vacuum machines and bags are equally sustainable.

Since these products come into direct contact with food, whether it is a vacuum bag or the thermosealer used to seal it, they must be 100% safe. For this reason, ORVED gives you only products with official certifications. One of these is the one concerning the European Union RoHs directive – Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive – which was implemented in Italy on 1st July 2006.

This directive has been drafted to reduce the use of dangerous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. This allows you, among other things, to dispose of the ORVED vacuum machines in total safety. The company applies this directive diligently and makes its expertise available to its customers and partners. This is one of the reasons why some of the most popular international chefs have chosen ORVED vacuum machines.

Italian excellence in certified vacuum

The continuous daily improvements as well as compliance with the highest standards
have made ORVED one of the certified Italian Excellencies.

  • Made in Italy

    Made in Italy Certification

  • Eccellenze italiane

    Eccellenze Italiane Certification

  • Verde dentro

    Verde Dentro Certification

  • Rohs

    Rohs Certification

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