VGP Line

Excellent sealing, compact design, plug&play with no need of compressed air

Semi-automatic traysealers

VGP is the ORVED range of semi-automatic traysealers, suitable for packaging foodstuffs, medical and pharmaceutical products, and industrial and consumer goods. They pack products in pre-formed trays in vacuum or modified atmosphere (MAP). After inserting the filled trays and closing the vacuum chamber, everything continues automatically, from evacuation, optional gassing with protective atmosphere or skin packaging (VGP Skin), to sealing and precise contour cutting of the trays.

The ideal introduction to professional vacuum packaging of prefabricated trays

Due to their compact dimensions and the plug&play technology, they can be used flexibly in any environment by any operator. The machine is perfect for smaller and medium size operations; it is also well-suited for larger companies who are conducting market tests for new products.

Large range of packs – no limits for your trays

The large chamber allow a variable tool division and a variety of tray formats up to the size of ½-Gastronorm (1/2 GN) with a maximum tray size of 325 x 260 x 120 mm. Format change-over is fast and easy for any operators, with the possibility to sealing and precise contour cutting of different trays.

No compressed air needed

No valves, no troubles and dry air no needed. Machine is silent to ensure great working conditions, pefect for a supermarket or small laboratories. Only power and, only for MAP, gas connection.

Advanced control panel with friendly HMI and precise vacuum sensor

The user- friendly HMI controller manages heating, sealing and vacuum-gas flush functions. The packaging cycle is fully automatic and it is controlled by a digital control panel equipeed with a precise vacuum sensor that ensure that product is packed with the configured level of vacuum/gas. The microprocessor can store up to 10 programs, each one can be set with a different percentage of vacuum (up to 99.9%), extra time of vacuum (up to 60”), different percentage of gas (up to 100%) and different time of sealing to operate with different type of films and trays.

Suitable for food and non food products, ideal for liquids

Our aim is the optimal packaging of your products, that is why our packaging machines offer perfectly adapted packaging solutions for a wide variety of requirements. In the case of liquids the panel includes a multicycle vacuum to avoid the spilling of the liquid and, in case of special requirements, such as hot products or products with air pockets, we have special processes that are gentle on the product and enable the required atmosphere to be achieved, allowing the maximum shelf life to be assured.

Contour cutting of the film

After the product has been packed in the tray, a precise contour cut ensures an appealing look for the product and packaging optimizing production times without wasting the film. We can design your machine individually to your requirements: outside cut, inside cut, easy peal corners, multi compartment trays.

Complete range

Vgp 25

Vgp 60

Vgp 60 skin

Vgp Combi Skin


Packing methods

  • Sealing only
  • Vacuum packaging
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
  • Skin packaging


  • Vacuum sensor
  • Digital panel with programs memory
  • Easy format change
  • No dry air needed
  • Hygienic Design
  • WI-FI module

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