Smooth bags type 95

Vacuum Bags

Smooth Storage vacuum are made in PA/PE 20/70 are ideal for vacuum storage solid, liquid and delicate products.

Each bag is made of the highest quality polymers and the combination of two films ensures maximum strength and durability of the vacuum.

The quality of the materials of which the bags is composed and the Orved bags production technique, allow the type 95 smooth envelopes to extend the life of the food up to 4/5 times more than the traditional preservation.

Smooth bags type 95 are perfect for use with professional chamber machines and, in the domestic sector, with external vacuum machines.

Thanks to the use of Type 95 bags, each of your solid or liquid products will last longer!

Protective film composition

film protettivo busta


Ideal for: chamber machines, drawer machines and models VM 14/90 and VM98

For storage in

  • conservazione in dispensa


  • conservazione in frigorifero


  • conservazione in freezer


MIN: -25°C / MAX: 70°C - 2h / 100°C - 15’

The Orved vacuum bags are:

bpa free pvc free

Vacuum bags guarantee safe food storage also thanks to compliance with European regulations

  • Reg. EC 10/2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food;
  • Reg. EC 1935/2004 - Framework Regulation for food contact materials;
  • Reg. EC 2023/2006 - Regulation establishing GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for the manufacture of materials intended to come into contact with food.

Available sizes

Dimensions Pieces per carton
140x220 mm 1000
150x200 mm 1000
150x300 mm 1000
160x230 mm 1000
170x250 mm 1000
180x280 mm 1000
200x250 mm 1000
200x300 mm 1000
200x350 mm 1000
200x400 mm 1000
200x500 mm 500
250x300 mm 1000
Dimensions Pieces per carton
250x350 mm 1000
250x400 mm 1000
250x700 mm 500
300x400 mm 500
300x450 mm 500
300x500 mm 500
350x400 mm 500
350x450 mm 500
350x500 mm 500
400x500 mm 400
400x600 mm 400
450x600 mm 400
500x700 mm 300
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