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Innovative in the kitchen for storing and cooking food

Domestic vacuum packing machines.

Very useful and, finally, more and more popular for home use, too. Vacuum is technique which allows the complete air extraction - by the pump - from a container or a bag ands then to seal, in order to create absence of oxygen; the microorganisms cause the food degradation and molds need oxygen to live, therefore they cannot develop.

The best preservation results!

Domestic vacuum packaging machines are equipped with special bags, which allow you to store food in excellent condition.

Food can be stored both raw and cooked, and can be cooked sous-vide. The techniques for sous-vide cooking are many, but in any case preservation is long lasting. Orved vacuum ensure a long shelf-life and the preservation of food organoleptic features.

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Eco Vacuum

Vacuum Family


  • ABS Bodywork
  • Self-lubricating pump.
  • Weight 3.5 kg.

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