Corporate social responsibility

Orved is aware of its responsibility as a global company and as a subject of global society. While we work to satisfy our customers, we do not want to be indifferent to the big issues of migration and healthy equity. Since 2017 we have chosen to embrace the mission of Amref Health Africa, the leading non-profit health organization in East Africa, because we believe in the universal right to health and the need to support development interventions that can generate sustainable impact.

Malnutrition, understood as malnutrition, but also as inadequate food intake, is one of the leading causes of infant mortality in Africa south of the Sahara. In Kenya, the risks to children's lives begin in the early hours of life, because there is a lack of good practice and women do not know the importance of breastfeeding, but also because of the scarcity of food to which mothers themselves have access. Food is often not appropriate to age in terms of quality, quantity and frequency, so after weaning, vitamin A, zinc and iron deficiency weakens the body of children, severely compromising their physical and mental development. In Kenya today 2.1 million children are seriously underweight and malnutrition, increasing the risk of contracting diseases such as diarrhea, malaria, pneumonia contributes to 45% of deaths in the first 5 years of life

Amref Family

The project aims to address the problems related to malnutrition in one of the areas of Kenya most affected by this phenomenon: the County of Siaya, in the western part of the country. Amref works with an integrated approach, involving communities in service delivery strategies that can reach the poorest areas of the country, and training staff to promote interventions aimed at preventing malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies in mothers and their children.

In 2017 Orved contributed to: Train 12 nutrition experts and 360 community health workers on how to identify cases of malnutrition and how to intervene promptly even without the presence of a specialized doctor. Restructuring and supplying 20 peripheral health centres with medicines, vitamins, protein foods, iron supplements, zinc, folic acid, beds, scales, medical equipment. To carry out 30 outreach in nursery schools, which Amref supports through various services, including vaccinations, medical examinations, administration of micronutrients, vitamins, protein foods, awareness of good hygienic-sanitary particles. In particular, 100 pregnant women received folic acid, 800 children received vitamin A supplement, 759 children benefited from vermination and 60 were vaccinated.