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Safety in numbers!

The only thermosealing machine on the market with a double function: it seals in modified atmosphere and with Skin effect. This innovation allows to supply the machine with a traditional sealing group, using standard moulds or mould with cut of seal.

Pack your products in ATM and with Skin Effect in a  ash!

Phases of Skin group replacement with a Combi Group:

  • The “Skin” sealing group is dismantled disconnecting the electric and compressed air system connections
  • The “Skin” trays holder system is removed from the lower chamber, no need to use any tool, thanks to the new support system.
  • Combi sealing group is  xed to the upper chamber, with reconnection of the electrical circuit and of the compressed air system. On the bottom chamber is positioned the trays holder rack.

Cuerpo: Acero inoxidable
Bomba de vacío: 60mc/h
Pump type: Baño de aceite
Medidas: 530 x 704 x 1158/1510h mm
Peso: 169 Kg
Voltaje: 400V - 50/60Hz +3ph
Consumo máximo de energía: 2900 W
Tamaño maximo de bolsa: 325 x 260 x 120h mm
Installation: Sobre ruedas

  Standard    Optional
Touch-screen command boardTouch-screen command board - STANDARD
Sistema sensorialSistema sensorial - STANDARD

Automatica/ManualeAutomatica/Manuale - STANDARD
Stampo StandardStampo Standard - STANDARD
Stampo Taglio SfridoStampo Taglio Sfrido - STANDARD
Vacío + GasVacío + Gas - STANDARD
Ultra vacíoUltra vacío - STANDARD
Ultra GasUltra Gas - STANDARD
Vaschette SkinVaschette Skin - STANDARD
Vaschette GastronormVaschette Gastronorm - STANDARD

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I nostri Programmi Chef rappresentano ed anticipano il futuro del sottovuoto in cucina: un sottovuoto intelligente, intutitivo, evoluto!


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