Why choose vacuum packing?

Healthy cooking

Once cooked, food stored with the vacuum packing technique has no need to envy fresh food because the vacuum maintains their organoleptic properties.

The right flavour

The creation of the vacuum blocks the oxidation process so dishes stored this way do not lose their flavour but rather are more appetizing.

Vacuum packing prevents...

..the proliferation of those small parasites that normally form in pasta, rice, flour, or nuts; greases and oils going rancid; the formation of mould, even in foods preserved in oil. Prevents having to resort to preserving sausages in oil or lard, thus avoiding an annoying and no doubt boring task, the cleanup phase.

Save time

In this modern world with its frenetic rhythm and work, social, and family commitments, finding time to dedicate to preparing food is increasingly difficult. Thanks to vacuum packing technology that ensures excellent storage of products and cooked foods, you can take advantage of those free times during the week to prepare various foods that can then be quickly reheated and eaten when you want. Plus, since in order to use a previously prepared meal all you need to do is boil it in a pan, there are not many dishes to wash.


By removing the air, all of the aerobic organisms (in other words, that need air to live) cannot proliferate and, consequently, cannot compromise food storage. Since we can use the refrigerator and freezer, not only do the storage times lengthen significantly, but the organoleptic characteristics do not disappear. 


Orved machines are equipped with automatic controls that allow you to create the vacuum in three simple steps! Practical to use and maximum results! 

The many advantages

The advantages of the vacuum system can also be extended to a wide range of objects used on a daily basis. For example, silver and gold objects, which are subject to tarnishing, can be stored using this technique. The lack of air also means documents will not become yellow. Garments can also be stored this way, avoiding the need for moth-killers whose odour may be unpleasant to some people. You can find more free space by reducing the size of furnishing accessories such as comforters and pillows. Even film (audio and video, negatives, etc.) can escape the ravages of time with this technique.

Elimination of odours

No more unpleasant odours in the refrigerator because the odours of each individual food item are captured in bags and containers. Plus, the lack of air will prevent the coating of frost that forms on foods stored in the freezer that can also compromise their nutritional properties. Frost is due to freezing water particles present in the air. No air, no frost.