Thermosealing Line

OPM 3.0

OPM 3.0 is the automatic commercial vacuum sealer designed to seal and package in line trays of food products and non-food products of any type and shape: small or large sized cheese, mozzarella loaves, mozzarella bites, cuts of meat, fresh pasta, fruit and vegetables and single portions in general.

The special feature of the automatic commercial vacuum sealer OPM 3.0 is its exclusive ability to quickly vacuum pack large quantities of products with a small machine, maximizing the daily production of any food distribution company.

Thanks to the automatic commercial vacuum sealer's automated system, from the tray shifting phase to the packaging station and controlled film advancement, the operator can perform any packaging cycle with maximum ease. OPM 3.0 is equipped with a standard support shelf with 5 stations for loading trays no greater than 1/2 Gastronorm.

The suction pump located inside the machine and the practical and intuitive touch panel with 10 programs that the user can save allow many functions to be performed independently such as sealing only, partial vacuum and sealing, vacuum + gas and sealing, skin effect vacuum, and packaging with gas and sealing.

Upon request, the standard machine setup can be supplemented with a series of accessories such as:

  • Skin effect
  • Unloading belt
  • automatic tray denester
  • product or preservative liquid dosers
  • printed film photocell
  • hot printer or thermal transfer
  • package conveyor belt
Ideal for: food laboratories, cooking centres, catering, and dairies

Machine body: Stainless steel
Vacuum Pump: 105mc/h
Size: 2800 x 875 x 1610h mm
Weight: 500 Kg
Voltage: 400V 50/60 Hz - 3PH+N+PE
Maximum power absorbed: 4-6 kW
Final Pressure: 6-8 bar
Installation: Floor standing

  Standard    Optional
Touch-screen command boardTouch-screen command board - STANDARD
Sistema SensorialeSistema Sensoriale - STANDARD
Stampo Taglio SfridoStampo Taglio Sfrido - STANDARD
Vacuum + GasVacuum + Gas - STANDARD
Ultra VacuumUltra Vacuum - STANDARD
Ultra GasUltra Gas - STANDARD

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