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VGP 60n

The map tray sealing machine designed to perfectly vacuum pack in trays and package trays in a modified atmosphere. Vgp 60n is built entirely in stainless steel and is extremely easy and quick to use. Equipped with a touch panel with 10 programs, it creates a vacuum up to 100% and inserts inert gas up to 110% without the use of a compressor.

Versatile, it can use up to 3 different standard moulds for gastronorm trays and custom moulds for other types of trays. The map tray sealing machine VGP 60n functions include: vacuum and additional gas, sealing, degassing, and cutting of excess film. The manufacturing characteristics and parts ensure solidity and long life. The machine complies with the strictest international hygiene and safety standards.

  • Speedy vacuum packing, packing in a modified atmosphere, or just sealing.
  • No compressor so packaging is silent.
  • Suitable for businesses with a small amount of space and without compressed air.
  • Small frame can be placed even in small laboratories.

Can package: solid, liquid, and soft products

Suitable for: catering, delicatessens, butchers, dairies, and food laboratories

Machine body: Stainless steel
Vacuum Pump: 60mc/h
Size: 530 x 704 x 1158/1510h mm
Vacuum chamber dimensions: 325 x 260 x 120h mm
Weight: 141 Kg
Voltage: 400V - 50/60 Hz + 3Ph
Maximum power absorbed: 2900 W
Maximum bag size: 325 x 260 x 120h mm
Stampo Ripiani:

1/2 Gastronorm
1x 325x260 mm

1/4 Gastronorm
2x 160x260 mm

1/8 Gastronorm
4x 165x120 mm
Installation: Floor standing

  Standard    Optional
Touch-screen command boardTouch-screen command board - STANDARD
Sensory SystemSensory System - STANDARD
Stampo StandardStampo Standard - OPTIONAL
Stampo Taglio SfridoStampo Taglio Sfrido - OPTIONAL
Vacuum + GasVacuum + Gas - STANDARD
Ultra VacuumUltra Vacuum - STANDARD
Ultra GasUltra Gas - STANDARD
Wifi ModuleWifi Module - OPTIONAL
Vaschette GastronormVaschette Gastronorm - STANDARD

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