Smooth Vacuum Bags

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Smooth Vacuum Bags TIPO 150 NO PVC | BPA Free - BPA and Phthalate free

PA/PE 25/115 vacuum shrink bags and sacks for vacuum packing, ideal for storing solid or spiny products or those with blunt parts such as meat with bones. Thanks to the bag thickness, material quality, and its ultra resistance, each type 150 smooth bag lets you perfectly package any food, even spiny ones, without breaking. The absolute quality of the polymers that make up each bag and the certified Orved bag manufacturing technique allow type 150 smooth bags to preserve the freshness and quality of any food for a long period of time.

Type 150 smooth vacuum shrink bags are perfect for use with professional chamber machines and, in the domestic sector, with drawer machines.

Ideal for: chamber and drawer machines, models VM 14/90 and VM98

Size Qty x Box
200x250 mm 1000
200x300 mm 1000
200x350 mm 1000
250x300 mm 1000
250x350 mm 800
250x400 mm 500
300x400 mm 500
350x400 mm 500
350x450 mm 500
400x500 mm 400
400x600 mm 300


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