Smooth Vacuum Bags

Smooth Vacuum Bags ECO 70 NO PVC | BPA Free - BPA and Phthalate free

PA/PE 15/50 bags for vacuum packing machines especially ideal for packaging liquids and delicate products. The absolute quality of the polymers used in each bag and the certified, Orved bag production technique allow Eco 70 bags to extend the shelf life of every product.

Eco 70 smooth pa/pe vacuum bags are perfect for use with professional chamber machines and, in the domestic sector, with drawer machines. When you use Eco70 bags, all of your products will last longer!

Ideal for: these pa/pe vacuum bags are ideal for chamber and drawer machines, models VM 14/90 and VM98

They are available in various formats:

Size Qty x Box
150x300 mm 1000 pz
200x300 mm 1000 pz
250x300 mm 1000 pz
250x350 mm 1000 pz
300x400 mm 1000 pz
400x600 mm 400 pz

Download Datasheet (File: sacchetti_lisci_eco_70.pdf - 160,67 KB)


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