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Space 25

The first real chamber recessed vacuum packaging machine, designed to pack products in vacuum directly into the home kitchen. Space25 is equipped with a special "guides" kit, designed to make the machine suitable for any drawer or standard kitchen module.

Its vacuum chamber is constructed with a totally innovative and ultra-resistant material, which allows reaching the maximum vacuum level of 99.99%, in the conservation program. However an extra vacuum power is available in its cooking program, suitable especially for those who want to enhance the flavors and colors of their food through the use of innovative sous-vide technique, as happens in the great restaurants.

The touch panel has 4 preset programs that facilitate each packaging cycle both in bags and in reusable containers. The tempered transparent glass lid allows for better visibility of the product during packaging. Space 25 equipped with dehumidification program H2Out pump, 4 mc / h vacuum pump and removable sealing bar, length 260 mm.

Can be packed: solid and liquid products

Ideal for: home kitchens

Machine body: Stainless steel
Vacuum Pump: 4mc/h
Size: 555x520x229h mm
Vacuum chamber dimensions: 303x293x110h mm
Weight: 25,9 Kg
Voltage: 230V - 50/60 Hz
Chamber volume: 7,65 lt
Maximum power absorbed: 350 W
Maximum bag size: 250x350 mm
Sealing Beam: Standard    Optional

1x260 mm
Installation: Built-in

Download Datasheet (File: space_25.pdf - 161,23 KB)

  Standard    Optional
Touch-screen command boardTouch-screen command board - STANDARD
Pump dehumidification programPump dehumidification program - STANDARD
Smooth vacuum bagsSmooth vacuum bags - STANDARD

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