Home Use Line

Home Vacuum Packaging Machines

The Plus of the Home Line


No more problems in the conservation of the products!

Each product line of Orved is characterized by the high quality and the advanced technological solutions; The Orved domestic line of home vacuum packaging machines ensures a quality equal to professional, treated in detail to make our robust packaging machines, simple to use and exceptional in every performance. With absolute rapidity in the packaging and the levels of safe welding.

Brings freshness and quality even at home!

Solid and ergonomic packaging, these home vacuum packing machines allow you to extend up to 5 times more than the shelf life of a food, preserving and enhancing the quality and taste.


Waste will be just a memory!

No more food and economic waste, with Orved home vacuum packaging machines are insured better hygiene and safety, total elimination of odors in the refrigerator, and a great time-saver.

The technology of the future!

The machines belonging to our Family line can pack any type of solid product, in embossed vacuum bags (ideal for meats, cheeses ...) and even liquids in a large series of containers produced by our company.