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Evox 30

A surprising result, it was able to exceed our most ardent aspirations. Evox 30 completely innovates the vacuum concept, summing up the best of the technology, innovation, industrialization, and simplicity of use. Compact, ergonomic, and equipped with a sensory vacuum, the sensor-controlled vacuum packer Evox 30 is characterized by ease of use combined with extreme versatility, allowing the creation of internal and external vacuums with surprising speed.

In the version equipped with a 12 m3 vacuum pump, the complete vacuum cycle times are extremely quick and even those of any competing machine. The materials that make up the sensor-controlled vacuum packer's vacuum chamber and cover are completely innovative. Orved used significant economic resources to achieve a true result, absolute excellence.


99% di Vuoto

Vacuum 99 % 


High Flex

Ultra-resistant vacuum chamber 


Ultra rapido

Ultra-rapid vacuum 

Evox 30 assembled with dedication by the most experienced manufacturers in the industry and designed to meet every need, has a vacuum chamber made of the most innovative MATERIAL THAT HAS EVER BEEN USED TO BUILD A VACUUM PACKING MACHINE.

Download Datasheet (File: evox_30_eng.pdf - 303,84 KB)

Machine body: Stainless steel
Vacuum Pump: 8mc/h
Optional Pump: 12mc/h
Size: 495 x 626 x 295h mm
Vacuum chamber dimensions: 355 x 365 x 184h mm
Weight: 29 Kg | 35 Kg
Voltage: 230V - 50/60 Hz
Chamber volume: 17,10 lt.
Maximum power absorbed: 450 W | 750 W
Maximum bag size: 300 x 400 mm
Sealing beam: Standard    Optional

1x310 mm
Installation: Table-top

  Standard    Optional
Touch-screen command boardTouch-screen command board - STANDARD
Sensory SystemSensory System - STANDARD
Pump dehumidification programPump dehumidification program - STANDARD
Suction tube for containersSuction tube for containers - STANDARD
Vacuum in containersVacuum in containers - STANDARD


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