Evox Line

Small Vac Packing Machines - Evox Line

The Plus of Evox Line


The compact special series!

Vacuum packing machine with an exclusive and innovative design, the absolute first to be equipped with "HIGH-FLEX" technology for the vacuum chamber. Compact, extremely fast, and essential, with preset vacuum levels for storing and sous-vide cooking.

Crushproof, waterproof, sturdy, stain-resistant!

Assembled with dedication by several expert builders in the industry and designed with the single purpose of meeting your every need, the Evox 30 vac packing machine Line is compact, ergonomic, and equipped with sensory vacuum. It is extremely versatile, allowing the creation of internal and external vacuums with surprising speed.



Its limited edition, in two colours, EVOX F1, EVOX 25 F1 in red and EVOX L1 in yellow, is one of the most requested models in the small and medium size food service industry.