Cuisson Line

Vacuum Packing Machines Cuisson Line

The Plus of Cuisson Line


The Power-Steel technology for unsurpassed vacuum!

Packaging machine equipped with a unique "Power-Steel" technology that allows you to pack any product in a vacuum chamber totally smooth, unique, shiny, with rounded corners. With the "Power-Steel" technology, cleaning the tank will be ultra-fast, making it more clean and sanitary.

Stimulate your creativity even with packaging liquid products!

The innovative double vacuum chamber present in Cuisson packing machine, will allow you to vacuum pack any liquid product! The vertical tank design, patented has been specially designed to make it easier and faster any packaging of liquid avoiding any spill from the pouch.


From today, you will cook as the best chef!

Orved has designed 9 exclusive vacuum programs, 11 pre-set programs and 7 vases programs, which allow packing automatically any product, without using the constant supervision of the Chef. The new programs will make you free to do something else while the machine is running the vacuum cycle. With vacuum programs, packaging creams or sauces will be a breeze!

Be bold and innovative with technology of sous-vide cooking!

The preset program "cooking", thanks to the achievement of the maximum vacuum level of 99.9% and an additional extra vacuum level "Vac +", will allow you to pack any food perfect for the sous-vide cooking. Even the more fibrous such as meat can be cooked in a vacuum resulting softer and more moist and tasty.


Always certified vacuum

Each vacuum packaging machine Orved is CE certified - ETL- ETL Sanitation to guarantee your safety.