Channelled Vacuum Bags

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Channelled Vacuum Bags NO PVC | BPA Free - BPA and Phthalate free

Embossed vacuum pouches with a perfect thickness for storing products that have been vacuum packed. With their special diamond embossing, Orved embossed bags allow you to extend the duration of solid and dry products up to 4/5 times compared to traditional storage.

Embossed vacuum pouches are suitable for food use.

Ideal for: home and professional external extraction machines
Size Qty x Box
120x200 mm 4000
150x250 mm 2500
150x300 mm 2000
150x400 mm 1600
160x230 mm 2500
180x300 mm 1800
200x250 mm 1800
200x300 mm 1600
200x350 mm 1200
200x400 mm 1200
200x450 mm 1000
250x350 mm 1000
250x400 mm 900
250x450 mm 700
250x600 mm 600
300x400 mm 800
300x450 mm 600
300x500 mm 500
350x450 mm 500
400x500 mm 400
400x600 mm 400

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