Built-In Line

Built In Vacuum Sealers

The Plus of Built-In Line


Professional vacuum packing for professional kitchens!

All Orved packaging machines feature technical details and high quality materials. Like all of Orved professional machines, the line of in built vacuum sealers Inspace has a completely smooth vacuum chamber, without welds, and is built entirely of stainless steel to ensure excellent vacuum results, hygiene, and cleanliness.

The vacuum packing machine is there.....but you can't see it!

The new line of Inspace packaging machines, in the built-in version, is designed to ensure the best packaging technology for storage and cooking, in kitchens or businesses with a small amount of space. Inspace adapts perfectly to standard kitchen drawers and modules. When the drawer is open, the packaging cycle is performed and once it is ended and the vacuum packaged product is removed, the drawer closes. No one will see that behind the panel there is a real, professional vacuum packing system!


Results like a true Chef, even at home!

With Inspace, thanks to the innovative programs for storage and cooking, it will be even easier to extend the quality of your products and intensify all of the flavours, aromas, and colours with sous-vide cooking. The organoleptic and nutritional properties will be retained and, thanks to sous-vide cooking, your dishes will have incomparable flavours.

Use containers for the best storage for your products!!

With the special Inspace professional Kit and the "Jars" program you can perfectly vacuum pack any liquid or delicate product (e.g., sauces or salads) inside practical, reusable vacuum packing containers.