Chamber Machines Bright Line

The Plus of Bright Line


The Power-Steel technology for unsurpassed vacuum!

Packaging machine equipped with a unique "Power-Steel" technology that allows you to package any product through a vacuum chamber totally smooth, unique and shiny with rounded corners. With the "Power-Steel" technology, cleaning the tank will be ultra-fast, making it more clean and sanitary.

The best conservation results!

The "conservation" program is designed to allow you to greatly extend the shelf-life of your every product in a simple and fast way; with preset programs and de-aeration, you can store under vacuum even the most difficult foods such as fresh pasta, fibrous meat, sauces and marinades.


Only the specifications make the difference, especially in vacuum!

The double welding present in packaging, guarantees your vacuum product, the security of being hermetically sealed. The sealing, clearly visible on the envelope, gives both greater safety of the vacuum and a better aesthetic appearance of the envelope.

Lack of time is no longer a problem!

The opportunity to enjoy two sealing bars will allow you to vacuum pack more at a time, thus reducing considerably, the work time and leaving you the freedom to do the other work.