Pantry storage

Vacuum packing for the pantry (+18°C)

Vacuum packing is not just for freezer or refrigerator storage but is also excellent for use at room temperature.

Foods that, if stored ordinarily, would easily lose their qualities (like coffee) or would deteriorate due to the humidity in the environment (such as salt, sugar, or flour) can remain unaltered thanks to vacuum packing. You no longer need to find new tricks for preserving foods in critical periods such as when leaving for vacation. When vacuum packed, foods are not exposed to mould, humidity, and insects.



Vacuum packing maintains their fragrance and freshness.

Coffee beans or ground coffee

Vacuum packing retains their fragrance and prevents their oily substances from becoming rancid.

Nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, etc.

These foods contain a large amount of oil and vacuum packing keeps them from turning rancid.

Dried mushrooms

Vacuum packing helps keep them longer, preserving their aromatic properties.

Bread crumbs

Stored preferably in rigid containers, they maintain their fragrance.

Rice, cereals


Vacuum packing retains the starch structure and keeps them from being attacked by parasites.

Dry seeds

When vacuum packed, the embryo stays unaltered longer, ensuring better storage.