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Innovators by choice!

At Orved we believe innovation serves not only an idea but is the perfect combination of three key elements: our knowledge, determination to reach our goals and our drive towards success.
For this reason, Orved has been innovating the world for over 30 years by creating the best products dedicated to the vacuum packing and sous-vide cooking, our true passion!

We have always mastered the most excellent vacuum packing machine!

Excellence, innovation, training, listening and customer care are the foundations of the Orved corporate philosophy. This consistent choice has led the company to spread the culture and the use of vacuum technology around the world by offering cutting-edge machinery in both technology and quality, able not only to respond to clients' needs but also to anticipate them.

Today Orved, represents excellence in the vacuum world for both storage and in cooking. It carries the highest quality and efficient products to simplify the customers' daily work, always ensuring the highest level of technology and performance with significant time and cost savings.

The History of Orved
Orved by Salvaro
Salvaro & Sileo
Orved SRL
Orved SPA

Behind a successful enterprise
there are always strong roots!

Orved Timeline

  • 2015 is a prosperous year full of innovations for Orved!
  • Thanks to continuous studies in vacuum storage and cooking and investments in the best technologies, Orved launches the following on the market: the newCUISSON line , a true full-optional equipped with specific programs for vacuum packing and cooking; the new Evox 25, even smaller and more compact but extremely quick; the new drawer machine line, Linea Space and Inspace for domestic and professional use; and the new VGP 60n skin thermosealer designed to improve the appearance of products packaged in trays.

  • - 2015 -

  • Orved is launched into space!
  • The special collaboration between Orved and Argotec allows Orved to create ARGOVAC, the first vacuum packing machine created to pack foods intended for the astronauts in the "FUTURA MISSION" space mission including Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti. For this mission, Orved produced both the ARGOVAC machine and the special bags with valves containing the food. For Orved, these innovations represent confirmation of the excellence of its technology and Made in Italy expertise.

  • - 2014 -

  • The Evox Line is born The first vacuum packing machine equipped with a High-flex ...

  • L'estrema rapidità nel confezionamento, il design accattivante di Evox 30, nelle verisioni limited edition, Evox F1 di colore rosso, ed Evox L1 di colore giallo identificano questo modello, sia a livello nazionale che internazionale, come il più d'avanguadia nel settore del sottovuoto.

  • ...vacuum chamber made using an innovative, ultra-resistant material that has never been used in the history of vacuum packing machines.
    The extremely quick packaging and captivating design of the Evox 30, in limited edition versions Evox 30 F1 in red and Evox 30 L1 in yellow, identify this model at both the national and international level as the most cutting edge in the vacuum packing machine sector.

  • - 2013 -

  • Always innovating and attentive to the customers' needs, Orved, designs and create the first thermostatic bath, SV-Thermo.

  • collaboration with great Chefs specializing in vacuum cooking. The best model for sous-vide cooking. This new technology will be used by the best chefs, especially those with Michelin stars, in restaurants throughout the world.

  • - 2011 -

  • The company introduces the BRIGHT LINE on the market.

  • The first completely stainless steel line of chamber packaging machines with an innovative design and patented technical details including the vertical tray in model CSV-31 and CSV-41, perfect for packaging liquid products in large quantities.

  • - 2010 -

  • Thanks to its continuing successes on both a national level and in major international markets, Orved increases its revenue.

  • The limited liability company becomes a public company with a sole shareholder. It will then become part of a Holding owned by the historic shareholders: Marziano Salvaro and Sileo Vendraminetto.

  • - 2009 -

  • Thanks to the profitable cooperation between Chef specialists in vacuum technology and engineers of Orved R&D department, the vacuum packaging line Cuisson was born, to pack perfectly every product intended to be "sous -vide" cooked

  • Cuisson SV-31 and SV-41 Cuisson are the two models that better represent, once more, Orved innovative capacity in producing unique vacuum packing machines, equipped with patented technical details, as the exclusive vertical chamber, designed to facilitate tha packaging of liquid products in large quanties, too.

  • - 2006 -

  • Smooth Vacuum Bags

  • Channelled Vacuum Bags

  • Cooking Vacuum Bags

  • With the start of the new millennium, Orved brought innovation to thermosealing with the creation of the VGP line.

  • The thermosealer designed to perfectly package and seal in trays, vacuum pack products, and pack in a modified atmosphere. VGP (patented) is unique due to its small size, speed in packaging products in trays in a protective atmosphere, input of inert gases up to 100%, and its quiet operation since there is no air compressor.

  • - 2000 -

  • VM 18
  • Orved designs and develops its first line of completely stainless steel chamber vacuum packers.

  • VM 18 will be the packaging machine that makes chamber vacuum packing history and will be the most used in the butcher industry.

  • - 1992 -

  • Orved begins production of thermosealers for trays.

  • Profi 1 quickly becomes the "must-have" model for delicatessens and features a smaller size, versatility, and an exclusive, patented slide system to make product packaging easier using up to two types of trays.

  • - 1990 -

  • VM88
  • VM88 is created from the minds of the Orved engineers and technicians.

  • It is the first external extraction vacuum packing machine equipped with an innovative retractable probe, patented, and able to vacuum pack products using smooth bags. VM88 is unique because it uses smooth bags for the first time, freeing vacuum packing from the traditional embossed bags. This was a crucial innovation for butchers to prolong the shelf life of meat, ensuring success in their business.

  • - 1988 -

  • Orved launches the VM13, the first external extraction vacuum packing machine on the market.

  • This model will make vacuum packing history because it completely innovates the vacuum creation system that, compared to the classic and well-known "chamber" system, immediately offers numerous advantages such as: cost reduction, reduced machine size, extreme versatility, and greater speed in creating the vacuum. This innovation will remain a cornerstone in future vacuum packing machine developments and will allow the company to enter in bigger national and international markets.

  • - 1985 -

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