Orved - Argovac

Orved flies into space

Full board in space, from Musile directly to the Soyuz shuttle.

The astronauts of the 'Futura' mission, including Samantha Cristoforetti, the first woman flying into space, eat thanks to Orved. The Musile-based company developed the new 'Orved Space' project and developed a special 'Orved Argovac' vacuum packing machine intended to pack food for the Futura Mission.


The packs have a special valve which allows the introduction of cold or hot water according to the dishes before eating them. Orved Space’s design was handled by ORVED technicians and Orved ArgoVac packing machine, with Orved SV Thermo and Orved SV 31, were made available for Argotec Company, named by the European Space Agency (ESA) responsible for the development of the feeding of European astronauts on the international space station (ISS). Argotec acts on behalf of ESA as an interface for the National Aeronautics and Space (NASA).

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Orved - TG1 - Space Mission

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